Leeds Art Map

About Leeds Art Map

What is it?

It's a whole bunch of art-related events (exhibitions, workshops, talks, performances, etc) plotted onto a map.

There's a filter too, to help you whittle down to things you might prefer.

Why did we make it?

There is always so much going on in Leeds, that sometimes you can struggle to make sense of it all 😬

For some, looking through listings is a perfectly easy way to get around this. But we're not all alike. Some people are visual, others want to connect some sense of geography to their potential activities.

We also like the way that it presents a level playing field. No matter the marketing budget, each event is treated the same: a simple dot on the map.

Finally, isn't it cool to see – at a glance – the huge amount of events that are constantly going on across Leeds.

Who made it?

How do I get my event on the map?

Getting on the map is free (assuming the thing is arty), and simple.

  1. First make sure you add your event to the Leeds Inspired website. Their site is great, free, and gets loads of visitors.
  2. There is no second step, we'll take it from there. You only need to fill in that one form. Spend the time you would have spent completing a second step doing something nice. We'll pull in the event from Leeds Inspired.

I've got a load of data to add to the map

We're always interested in how we could incorporate more data into the map; get in touch if you've got something interesting!

I want a map for something specific

Perhaps you're organising an multi-site event, or have some geogrpahic data you want on a map. This is something we may be able to help with, feel free to get in touch.

How does it work?

The site has 3 main ingredients:

  1. A map - powered by Google (for now, at least)
  2. Event data - © Leeds City Council (see details at the bottom of this page)
  3. A load of custom code to make those things work well with each other, as well as the features you see.

Why did you use evil Google's maps and not something open source

Yes, this rankles with us too. We ended up with Google Maps for two main reasons:

  1. Some of the features we wanted to build weren't (or didn't seem) possible using Open Street Map.

  2. Google maps loaded significantly quicker

Together, these things meant that we were able to deliver a better user experience, but at the cost of our open data credibility.

We plan to keep trying to implement Open Street Map and hopefully one day we'll make the switch.

Hey, if you're an OSM expert and want to help, you know where to find us...

Get in touch

Reach us on twitter at @leedsartmap, our DMs are open 🤝

Or email us at hello@leedsartmap.org.uk


The functionality of the site been implemented in an accessibility-first approach.

The very spirit of Leeds Art Map is providing wide access to information about arts events in Leeds, and as such every endeavour has been made to ensure Leeds Art Map is as accessible as possible.

Working with a map at the heart of the interface is somewhat out of the ordinary. This means there's not much prior art to really follow, and has required us to fix inaccessible aspects of Google Maps.

However the proof is in the pudding. If you have accessibility requirements and want to share your positive or negative experiences of using the site please let us know. The more we understand your real experiences the more we may be able to improve the site.

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